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  • Union end ball valve with 100% positive shut off full port chrome plated ball
  • Teflon seats, double o-ring shaft seals, and union end with o-ring seal
  • Standard features include Pressure/Temperature test port and hose end drain valve
  • Available with multiple combinations of end connection types and sizes
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The Model SB Valve represents a highly versatile union end ball valve known for its exceptional performance. It features a full port chrome-plated ball ensuring 100% positive shut-off, Teflon seats for smooth operation, and double O-ring shaft seals for added reliability. This valve also comes with a union end equipped with an O-ring seal and offers standard features such as a Pressure/Temperature test port and a hose end drain valve. Furthermore, it's available in various combinations of end connection types and sizes, making it suitable for a wide range of applications with different requirements.